I don't know why I need a blog

Robin Sparkles aka Soupface Killah
13 September 1982
Virgo: (Aug 24-Sept 23) You are the logical type and hate disorder. This nitpicking is sickening to your friends. You are cold and unemotional and often fall asleep while making love. Virgos make excellent bus drivers and pimps.

I curse. A lot. To the point that it doesn't even register as profanity to me anymore. At this point, even my mother is resigned to the fact that it is usually just part of my speech pattern (unless I'm around important people or grandparents). It is usually not my intention to offend.

I write about whatever happens to be on my mind at any given moment. Sometimes it's politics, sometimes it's pop culture, sometimes it's personal. If it's personal, it will generally be friends-only.